Motorcaravan Sites Review






Germany caters very well for motorcaravanners, both with campsites and with overnight parking ("Stellplatz"). These Stellplatz, (which are in addition to the normal motorway rest-areas where overnighting is allowed), come in all sizes from three to one hundred vehicles and are widely distributed. Some are free, some have a nominal charge of 4 - 7E. They may have services, (again usually a nominal charge, 1 - 2E). They are usually intended to be overnight stops, but certain sites have no time limit. I've noticed in 2003 that several sites have started charging, some with no improvement in services, but others improving towards French municipal site standards.

I have found three very useful books which are available in caravan accessory shops and many bookshops:

STELLPLATZ-ATLAS DEUTSCHLAND by PRO MOBIL and published by Hallwag International. This comes in two volumes, north and south, each of which costs 34.80DM (in 2001). The south volume contains most of the popular tourist areas, and has details and some photographs of 800+ sites (1200+ in 2003). A selection of these are given a 1 - 2 page write-up, but if your German is a bit dodgy there are simple summaries of the sites, including price, available services etc. The north volume contains 1000+ sites (in 2003), though some of these are duplicated in the south volume.

ADAC STELLPLATZ FUHRER. Very good guide containing over 1600 stellplatz details. Also some parking places for Austria and Italy.

WOHNMOBIL STELLPLATZE by Dr Dieter Semmler and published by RID-Verlag, and costing 38.80DM (in 2000). This is a more personal approach, where Dr Semmler details 300 free overnight stops that he has visited in Germany, which are close to motorway exits. The book is organised in motorway order, and details of facilities, etc. are listed for each site.

In addition, I've acquired a booklet called "Die Juzi-Liste" which is produced by J. Zimmerman. I was approached on a stellplatz by someone selling them "door to door". It costs 10DM, and contains details of over 2500 stellplatze - very good value! Details can be found at

There is also a section on German Stellplatz in the French Guide Officiel Des Etapes Camping Cars.






ALSFELDtic.gif (1004 bytes) LAUTERBACH ROTENBURG a d FULDA tic.gif (1004 bytes)   SCHLITZ WEILBURG AN DER LAHN WOLFHAGEN tic.gif (1004 bytes)

tic.gif (1004 bytes) HANN. MUNDEN




QUEDLINBURGtic.gif (1004 bytes)   WEISSENFELS

Alsfeld.JPG (43325 bytes)ALSFELD (HESSEN) - Free motorcaravan parking at Fuldaer Tor parkplatz. Sani-station services (0.5E chem disp, 0.5E fresh water 3.5 minutes). Hardstandings next to the river Schwalm. Beautiful old town, good walks. SA. (May, 2002). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Amberg.JPG (44561 bytes)AMBERG (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park for approx. 20 vans at the Fachhochschule in Infanteriestrasse. Very quiet. Lovely old town and river. Holiday Clean at Cleanpark. SA. (May 2002).  Index

m.ansbach.jpg (23828 bytes)ANSBACH (BAVARIA) - designated motorcaravan parking area at motorway services - security guard patrols at night. Traffic noise. Clean toilets. Useful overnight stop. 10DM (10DM voucher given towards meal at services). (Sept 1999). Index

aschau.JPG (15136 bytes)m.aschau.JPG (69386 bytes)ASCHAU (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan area at pretty location in the grounds of the "Festhalle", directly below the castle. No facilities. Seemed a quiet spot, but avoid on Fridays as there is a disco held opposite, and as the night progressed, more youngsters arrived in cars. Eventually we packed up and moved to a car park within the town (no signs banning, but really only for cars. Luckily our van is only 17 feet long). WS. (July 2000). Index

Bad Neustadt.JPG (65378 bytes)BAD NEUSTADT (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park for 30 vans. Free electricity (at moment), free Holiday Clean. Level, shaded, quiet. Nice walk into lovely spa town, beautiful park. (June 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Bad Teinbach.JPG (26521 bytes)m.BadTeinach.jpg (21963 bytes)BAD TEINACH (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Free parking for 20 vans at swimming pool car park. 24 hours only. No facilities but there is a waterworks next door. Pretty spa town with lovely walks.  SA. (Sept 2001). Index

bamberg.JPG (16471 bytes)m.bamberg.JPG (66895 bytes)BAMBERG (BAVARIA) - Parking in Park + Ride car park, Heinrichsdamm (south east part of Bamberg). No facilities, 24 hours only. Useful stop-off to see Bamberg, a beautiful town with a half timbered town hall built on a bridge between the two halves of the town. 2DM/night. SA. (July 2000). Index

Baunach.JPG (56828 bytes)BAUNACH (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park at Altstadtparkplatz. No services. Normally quiet location by river (shaded) - we made the mistake of staying on a Friday night - noisy! Pretty town - good overnight stop. SA. (May 2002).  Index

Beilngries.JPG (56999 bytes)BEILNGRIES (BAVARIA) - Parkplatz am Hafen. Carpark by canal, unofficial, but no problem (there may be in high season). Lovely spot, nice walks, WC, Info Centre, but no services. Nice town, we went to Fischfest in evening - fish meals, beer and group. (June 2003).  Index

m.blankenheim.jpg (118340 bytes)BLANKENHEIM (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Free motorcaravan park (no overnight parking for caravans) with approx. 50 places, situated next to small lake and tennis courts. Service point - chem. disp/fresh water 1Dm, Electricity 1Dm. Pretty location in a small half-timbered town overlooked by a Schloss, now used as a youth hostel.  ET. (July 2000). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Blaubeuren.JPG (71963 bytes)BLAUBEUREN (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Motorcaravan park at Sports Hall P6 -  5E/night, Sani-station - 1E. Space for 15 vans, shaded, level. Well signposted. Pretty town, nice walks, watermill. SA. (June 2003). Index

Blumberg1.JPG (30075 bytes)m.Blumberg.jpg (52240 bytes)BLUMBERG (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - P1, Werner Gerber Sportzcentrum. Free park for 10 - 15 vehicles at entrance to the town, next to the sport centre. Parking up to 48 hours, free chem. disposal and fresh water.  SA. (Sept 2001).

Blumberg2.JPG (27088 bytes)There is also another parking area (P2) next to a railway museum (Zollhaus) half a mile before the town, with space for up to 10 vehicles, again for 48 hours, but no services. SA (Sept 2001).  Index


breisach.JPG (28291 bytes)m.breisach.JPG (12721 bytes)BREISACH (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Free motorcaravan park in the Josef-Bueb Strasse Parkplatz (stated as 10DM in SA!) for up to 40 motorcaravans. Sani-station services adjacent (2DM waste, 2DM fresh water). Very popular with all nationalities. Lovely location on the Rhine, and below a very pretty town. Allowed to stay up to three days. A quiet location, apart from some youngsters playing loud music in the early hours. ET/SA. (Aug 2000). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Coburg.JPG (25378 bytes)COBURG (BAVARIA) - Free parking for 5 vans in Grossparkplatz "Anger", in a reserved corner of a large car park. Sani-station in petrol station "Aral Tankstelle" in Bambergerstrasse. Lovely old town with lots of old buildings - nice walk through park to fortress. Parking place can be noisy at night (teenagers). There is also a large function tent erected for beer festivals etc. (There's another parking place at the swimming pool - further out of town). SA. (May 2002). Index

c 100_0212 Dursten Stellplatz 1.jpg (40509 bytes)DORSTEN (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - free park for 20 vans, level, illuminated, electricity (1E for 10hrs), rubbish bins. Hardstanding, but could be messy in wet weather.  Sani Station by swimming pool (0.5Km away). Situated between river Lippe and a canal. Nice town with good shops. We were approached by Tourist Info lady with brochures, maps, etc. - very friendly. Bread delivery in morning. (May 2005). Index

c 100_0226 Duderstadt Stellplatz.jpg (41359 bytes)DUDERSTADT (NIEDERSACHSEN) - P & R Parkplatz, Adenauerring. Free parking, Sani-Station service point, 1E water, 1E waste. Level, hedged, (some overgrown). Open all year. Beautiful old walled town, nice walks through parkland to altstadt. (May 2005). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Ebern.JPG (83941 bytes)EBERN (BAVARIA) - Motorcaravan park next to town wall (5E/night). Large area, (40-50 vans), WC, shower, chem disp. water, elec. inc. (Ticket collector issues key to WC/shower, and connects to elec.point). Pretty old town, lovely main street. We were recommended to try the meals in a Gasthof - LAURENTIUS-STUBCHEN, by a German motorcaravanner, and he was dead right - lovely meals too large to finish, and cheap beer! SA. (June 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Edenkoben.JPG (24429 bytes)m.Edenkoben.jpg (25818 bytes)EDENKOBEN (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - motorcaravan park for up to 50 vans (hardstanding). Very popular with Germans.  5DM for parking, 1DM for Holiday Clean Services (40 litres water). Close to town centre with shops, restaurants etc.  SA. (Sept 2001).Index

Eichstatt.JPG (60871 bytes)EICHSTATT (BAVARIA) - Motorcaravan park at Volkfestplatz (6E/night, inc. elec.). Lovely spot next to river. WC, shower, service point (at entrance,- 200M away). Level, shaded, very popular. Nice walk along river (0.25 mile) to beautiful old cathedral town. Nice park. We stayed two days. (June 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

fischbachau.JPG (20364 bytes)m.fischbachau.JPG (21794 bytes)FISCHBACHAU (BAVARIA) - Gasthof zur Post, Hagnberg Strasse (Hammer) - free motorcaravan parking in hotel car park. Free water (we were offered free electricity as well). Made very welcome by hotel owner, Wolfgang. Good cheap meals in restaurant. ET. (July 2000). Index


m.Freiburg.jpg (30790 bytes)FREIBURG (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Parkplatz von wvd-Sudcaravan, Hanferstrasse 30, Hochdorf - free parking for up to 2 days on motorcaravan dealer parking area in suburb of Freiburg. Holiday Clean services available at site. OK for overnight parking if you've spent the day in Freiburg, which is a lovely old city. SA. (Sept 2001). Index


Freyung2.JPG (35681 bytes)FREYUNG (BAVARIA) - 2 parking places in this pretty town above Passau. One at P1, near the swimming pool, slightly sloping, near the Passau road, but close to the town. The other is at the ski lifts, further away from the town (1Km), level shaded, and quiet, with a WC. There are no services at the parking places, but you can use the "Klarenlage" (water works) facilities. Lovely surrounding scenery of the Bavarian forest. SA. (May 2002).

Freyung1.JPG (43970 bytes)FREYUNG - Second park at ski lifts. Index


garmisch.JPG (38358 bytes)m.garmisch.JPG (21064 bytes)GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN (BAVARIA) - Motorcaravan park at the Olympic Ski Stadium (10DM) - the machine wasn't working while we were there.  Very popular with Germans. Services provided by Sani-station. Limit of three days. Good walks up to the waterfalls. ET/SA. (Aug 2000). Index

Gau Algesheim.JPG (32436 bytes)m.GauAlgesheim.jpg (42493 bytes)GAU-ALGESHEIM (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - Free motorcaravan park for 30 - 40 vehicles (10 places dedicated with elec. points 4DM for 24 hours). Service point available (1DM - 10 minutes of water). Well signposted, pleasant town with shops, restaurants. ET. (Oct 2001). Index

c 100_0242 Gorlitz Stellplatz 2.jpg (34041 bytes)GORLITZ (SACHSEN) - Altstadt Parkplatz, Hugo Keller Strasse. Walled parking place by Council offices, 5E/24hrs. 2 electricity points available. Beautiful old town on Polish border (town in two parts seperated by river). Lots of renovation taking place (2005). Illuminated. No water or waste. (May 2005).  Index

c 100_0340 Hann.Munden Stellplatz 2.jpg (29998 bytes)HANN. MUNDEN (NIEDERSACHSEN) - Am Werraweg. Free parking, no services. (Another stellpatz at Parkplatz Tanzwerder with service point, 5.10E/night). Lovely town by three rivers, hardstanding, level, quiet at night, popular (there was a festival on at the time). (June 2005). Index

Hassfurt.JPG (56331 bytes)HASSFURT (BAVARIA) - Motorcaravan park (Am Gries) by river Main. (4E/night, 1E electricity). WC, water, etc. Pretty town, walks by river, popular with Germans. (June 2003).   Index

heidelberg.JPG (14075 bytes)m.heidelberg.JPG (42325 bytes)HEIDELBERG (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Free parking in University Park + Ride car park - no facilities. Approx. 500m from river, then 1500m along lovely river walk (or you can catch the bus!) to old bridge and town centre. Wonderful place but very crowded with foreign tourists.  (July 2000). Index

c 100_0223 Hoxter Stellplatz.jpg (20789 bytes)HOXTER (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Flossplatz. Lovely location beside river Weser. Very pretty old town. Large level parking space, 5E/day. Holiday Clean service point - free chem disp., water 1E/60L. Rubbish bins, illuminated. Train noise in early night - stopped later. (May 2005). Index

Inzell.JPG (73903 bytes)INZELL (BAVARIA) - Free parking in P2, next to the Information Centre. (We were charged 1.45E/person "Kurtax", but I think this was a "one-off" however many nights we stayed, because this was a spa town). Beautiful small town with lovely walks and a nice Kurpark, with spa waters (for paddling - ice-cold!). Level, some shade, no services (we got some water from the Info Centre). I believe the local water works catered for waste disposal on work days. We saw a lovely brass band concert in the park on Sunday morning. SA. (June 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Julich.JPG (28579 bytes)m.julich.jpg (89222 bytes)JULICH (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Free motorcaravan parking at the Parkplatz Karl-Knipproth Stadium, on outskirts of pretty town known for its 16th century citadel. Max. 3 days stay. Space for up to 25 vehicles and services provided by a "Holiday Clean" (1E). (Stopped in 2005 - water outlet now has guard around spout - presumably to stop being used for toilet cleaning. Now hose attachment must be used). A short walk over a pedestrian river bridge to the town - good riverside walks, good stop-off before crossing Belgium to the ferry ports. SA. (May 2001). Index

m.kisslegg.JPG (23334 bytes)KISSLEGG-IM-ALLGAU (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Free motorcaravan park next to the Obersee swimming pool. Chem disp and water available, also electricity (1DM/KWH). Water was 1DM/10 litres! - however the dispenser seemed faulty, and we asked for (and were given) water at the swimming pool entrance. There were two other locations in the town, but I'm not sure about the facilities. ET/SA. (Aug 2000). Index

wertheim.JPG (18571 bytes)m.wertheim.jpg (120290 bytes)KREUZ-WERTHEIM (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan parking on river Main with beautiful view over the river to Wertheim and its castle. Quiet. Free chemical WC and wash basin (clean), but no fresh water. Preferable to free parking in Park 4 in Wertheim, which is by  a noisy overpass. We awoke on Saturday to a thriving flea market! Wertheim is a beautiful old town, with good outside music (jazz quartet, balalaika/accordion trio).   (July 2000).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index   (N.B. THIS SITE MAY NO LONGER BE ALLOWED - 2003)

Lalling.JPG (32774 bytes)LALLING (BAVARIA) - Parkplatz am Gasthof (Zur Post). Free motorcaravan park for 7 - 8 vans. Holiday Clean situated further away at tennis courts (1E for water). Very pretty Bavarian village. (Corpus Christi parade took place while we were there). SA. (May 2002). Index 

Lauterbach.JPG (37170 bytes)LAUTERBACH (HESSEN) - free motorcaravan park at Freizeitcentrum (3 reserved places). Bar and restaurant close by - good walks marked out. We walked to the "Schloss Eisenbach" - very pretty. Service point at David Eifert Strasse ("Holiday Clean"). SA. (May, 2002). Index

lengries.JPG (17846 bytes)m.lenggries.JPG (19039 bytes)LENGGRIES (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan parking at the ski-lift car park (Brauneck Bergbahn). No facilities. Lovely views and good walks nearby. Popular with German motorcaravanners. There is supposed to be a 24 hour limit, but everybody stays longer. 10 minute walk into town. ET. (July 2000). Index (N.B. THIS SITE MAY NO LONGER BE ALLOWED - 2003)

Loffingen.JPG (27961 bytes)m.Loffingen.jpg (32028 bytes)LOFFINGEN (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Parkplatz am Waldbad. Free parking for up to 10 vehicles at the Waldbad ("forest baths") near the Schwarzwald park.(1 - 2 miles from Loffingen town). Very quiet location (out of season), which closes at end of September. 10DM jeton required for water and electricity. SA. (Sept 2001). Index

Manching.JPG (73354 bytes)MANCHING (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park, signposted at edge of town. Holiday Clean service point. Level, shaded, quiet. Quiet town, OK for night halt. Buses use carpark as well, but not a problem. SA. (June 2003).Index

marktbreit.JPG (13003 bytes)m.marktbreit.JPG (119765 bytes)MARKTBREIT (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan parking area by the river Main. No facilities, but the lady at the tourist office offered us fresh water if we needed it! (We didn't). We did get fresh water the next day at "Frankana", a camping shop between Marktbreit and Ochsenfurt - ask at reception. Marktbreit is a quiet little town with a beautiful old gateway and buildings. The parking area was frequented by a small group of drinkers, but we had no problems at all. WS. (July 2000). Index

miltenberg.JPG (19309 bytes)m.miltenberg.jpg (119647 bytes)MILTENBERG (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan parking by river next to ESSO garage (Tim Straub, Luitpold Strasse). Service point in garage - 1Dm for fresh water (supposed to be 50 litres, but you need to be quick - we took two go's!). Lovely location, but site was noisy because of roadworks close by (would be OK at other times). Very popular with Germans, some of whom seem to stay much longer than the normal 1 - 3 days. Beautiful old town on the river Main, with lots of interesting river traffic. ET. (July 2000).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

monschau.JPG (21071 bytes)m.monschau.jpg (118931 bytes)MONSCHAU (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Motorcaravan park just above the beautiful half-timbered town in the Eifel region. Service point - 1Dm chem disp/water, 1Dm for 10 hours electricity. Very popular site with Germans. Glassworks on outskirts of town open to public. ET. 5Dm/night. (July 2000).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Munnerstadt.JPG (71699 bytes)MUNNERSTADT (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park for 4 vans, Holiday Clean service point. Electricity 0.5E/Kwh. (June 2003).Index

Neckarsulm.JPG (54056 bytes)NECKARSULM (BADEN WURTTEMBERG) - Large free parking place next to "Aqua Toll" water park. Holiday Clean 1E. Walk along river Sulm to town centre (10min). Parking is level and shaded, but dusty (presumably muddy when wet). SA. (June 2002).Index

Neumarkt.jpg (33847 bytes)NEUMARKT in der OBERPFALZ (BAVARIA) - Free parking for 20 vans at the Volkfestplatz. Holiday Clean - 1E for water. Short walk to pretty town, good shops etc. Train noise throughout the night , and we woke up on Sunday morning  to find we were surrounded by cars arriving for a massive flea market - extremely crowded when we left. SA. (June 2002). Index

Neustadt.JPG (31355 bytes)m.NeustadtanderWeinstrasse.jpg (25836 bytes)NEUSTADT a.d. WEINSTRASSE (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - Parking place on Martin Luther Strasse for up to 20 motorcaravans - 5Dm/night. Free water and chemical disposal. Hardstanding. Good location for walking into centre. Very pretty town with excellent shops. Popular site. ET. (Sept 2001). tic.gif (1004 bytes)  Index

Nideggen.JPG (40109 bytes)NIDEGGEN (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Free motorcaravan park, no services. Lovely town with a castle on the hill (now a restaurant). SA. (May, 2002) Index

Nuremberg.JPG (38315 bytes)NUREMBERG (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park for 8 vans at "Wuhrder See", east Nuremberg off the ring road (2 other parks off ring road - one north, one south - all well signposted). No services but porta WC on car park. Crowded on weekends. Site is next to lake with a path into the old town along the lake. A pretty city, but lots of new buildings after WWII. SA. (May 2002). Index

oberammergau.JPG (26395 bytes)m.oberammergau.JPG (25202 bytes)OBERAMMERGAU (BAVARIA) - Free motorcaravan park at north exit to town. Supposed to be 8 - 22 hours limit, but several German vans were parked and we had no problems. No facilities. Short walk into town full of marvellous old buildings.  (Aug 2000). Index

Oberaudorf.JPG (56104 bytes)OBERAUDORF (BAVARIA) - Free parking for 10 vans at carpark below the Hotel Feuringer Tatzelwurm. Quiet (except for occasional motorbikes during day) site on the Deutsch Alpine Road. Sloping, mostly unshaded. No services. SA. (June 2003). Index

Ohringen.JPG (32470 bytes)OHRINGEN (BADEN WURTTEMBERG) - Free parking at Hallenbad, on Rendelstrasse. No services, but quiet night. Nice town, park even has a free childrens zoo! SA. (June 2002). Index


Osthofen.JPG (23534 bytes)m.osthofen.JPG (69151 bytes)OSTHOFEN (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - very large free motorcaravan park in front of festival hall - no services (services closed in 1998 because of vandalism!) - Sani-Station services available at Texas Tankstelle "GAUS" petrol station on Rheinstrasse (2.30DM). Reach there via the underpass adjacent to the parking area, as the level crossing on the main street seemed to be permanently closed. Only one other van while we were there, so a bit lonely! OK for overnight stop, but not much in the town. SA. (May 2001). Index

c 100_0326 Quedlinburg Stellplatz.jpg (44484 bytes)QUEDLINBURG (SACHSEN-ANHALT) - Schlossparkplatz, Wipertistrasse. 6 reserved motorcaravan places, 3E/24 hrs. St San service point, 1E water, 1E elec/6 hrs, free waste water. (Full sign after 6 tickets have been issued, but seems to be ignored, and more than 6 vans were parked while we were there). Lovely medieval town with castle on rocky hill. Well worth a visit. There are  two other stellplatz around the perimeter of the town. (June 2005). tic.gif (1004 bytes)  Index

m.rheinbollen.JPG (67618 bytes)RHEINBOLLEN (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - quiet car park outside leisure centre (follow signs for Freiheitsbad). No facilities. This pretty town is about a mile off the A61 and makes a good alternative to the motorway rest areas for an overnight stop. WS. (June 2001). Index

RotenburgFulda.JPG (79856 bytes)ROTENBURG AN DER FULDA (HESSEN) - Free motorcaravan park next to the railway station. Level, shaded, "St-San" sani station. Elec pt 0.5E/KWH. Well tended site, very popular (newpaper man delivers in mornings!). Lovely town on river, beutiful old buildings, very unusual Jacobite church. Well worth visit. SA.(June 2003).  tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

rothenburg.JPG (25252 bytes)m.rothenburg.jpg (37184 bytes)ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER (BAVARIA) - Motorcaravan service area on outskirts of beautiful medieval town. Chargeable water/waste service point, public toilets on site, though kept very clean. Very popular with German motorcaravanners. 10DM/night from ticket machine. (Sept 1999).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index


Rottweil.JPG (31876 bytes)m.Rottweil.jpg (43497 bytes)ROTTWEIL (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Parkplatz am Stadion, Stadionstrasse. Free parking for 20 vehicles at the sports centre, about 10 minutes walk from the town centre. Holiday Clean services (1 DM). Fairly popular site. Rottweil is a lovely old fortified town with a character of its own. SA. (Sept 2001). Index

Schlitz.JPG (35724 bytes)SCHLITZ (HESSEN) - Free parking at the swimming pool. Sani-station - waste 1E, water 1E (out of order while we were there). Pretty old town with 5 castles, very quiet. SA. (May 2002). Index

Schongau.JPG (74626 bytes)SCHONGAU (BAVARIA) - Free parking at the Festplatz carpark on Lechuferstrasse. Room for 50 vans, quiet, level, some shade. Chem disp., but we couldn't see any fresh water supply. Free for up to 7 days, then paying.Very pretty walled town with old buildings. (June 2003). Index

Simonskall.JPG (66433 bytes)SIMONSKALL (NORDRHEIN-WESTHALEN) - Free parking in small commune of Hurtgenwald. Pretty village with lovely gasthofs. Steep narrow approach road. Very quiet, pretty church, no shops. Chem disp. installed, but out of order while we were there. SA. (June 2003). Index

singen.JPG (36564 bytes)m.singen.JPG (28073 bytes)SINGEN (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Free parking in car park at base of ruined castle (Hohentwiel), approx. 4Km off A81 at Singen. This was not an official site, but there were no problems, and two or three German motorcaravanners were also parked there. There was an information centre next door, which opened in the morning, with toilets and fresh water. Nice walks up to the ruined castle on a pinnacle overlooking lovely countryside. WS. (Aug 2000). Index

c 100_0214 Soest Stellplatz.jpg (35338 bytes)SOEST (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Parkplatz Georg-Plange-Platz. Free parking shared with cars on Thomastor (not a problem). St San service point, free chem disp., 1E water, 1E electricity (10 hrs). Level, hardstanding, noise in day from road, but quiet in night (even on a Friday!). Soest is a lovely walled town with lots of half-timbered house and good shops. Well worth a visit. (May 2005). tic.gif (1004 bytes)   Index

STOLBERG-MAUSBACH (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Hotel Sussendehl - close to Dutch border. situated in forest, free parking, use of facilities, meals available at hotel. Good overnight stop. SA.  (Sept 1999).  Index

Sylvensteinsee.JPG (73425 bytes)SYLVENSTEINSEE (BAVARIA) - Fall - Free motorcaravan parking in tiny village by beautiful lake, south of Lenggries. Well shaded in lovely wooded area with new toilet block and service point (Sanistation, small charge). Very popular and crowded on weekend, but large enough to accommodate 50 -60 vans. Lots of walks by the lake and in the forest. (June 2003).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Ulm.JPG (26975 bytes)m.ulm.JPG (84768 bytes)ULM (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - free motorcaravan parking at Donauhalle next to a beautiful park on the river Danube, with several bierkellars and various facilities (giant chss, draughts!). Ulm is a beautiful town with an old quarter and a magnificent cathedral. Services are provided by a "Holiday Clean" (1DM).  3 days maximum stay, will accommodate approx. 20 motorcaravans. SA.  (May 2001) tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Villingen-Schwenningen.JPG (27547 bytes)m.VillingenSchwenningen.jpg (41065 bytes)VILLINGEN-SCHWENNINGEN (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Messegelande, Waldeckweg, Schwenningen. 5 free parking places outside the  Exhibition Centre in Schwenningen. Holiday Clean services available (sign for 1DM, but appeared to be free). Slightly scruffy surroundings, and noise from the beer warehouse next door until 23.00 hours! OK to overnight park in order to see the very pretty town of Villingen, but I wouldn't stay again, unless stuck. SA. (Sept 2001).  Index

m.wassertrudingen.JPG (30501 bytes)WASSERTRUDINGEN (BAVARIA) - free motorcaravan parking area. Free drinking water, but no chem. disp. (supposed to be available at local "klarenlage" - sewage works! We didn't use it.) Not much here, but a good quiet overnight stop. SA. (July 2000). Index

weikersheim.JPG (18924 bytes)m.weikersheim.jpg (119690 bytes)WEIKERSHEIM (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - free motorcaravan parking area by music college. WC, but no fresh water or chem disp. A lovely old town with large castle and immaculate formal grounds. (the castle seemed to be used by the music students - we could hear them practice in the towers). (July 2000). Index

Weilburg.JPG (66948 bytes)WEILBURG AN DER LAHN (HESSEN) - Large motorcaravan park next to the river Lahn (no direct access) and the fire station. 6E/night, inc. toilet,water, chem disp. electricity (if you could reach it! - we didn't try). Facilities were locked up most of day   - only open when attendant present. Quiet, level, shaded, but we felt overpriced compared to other sites. Lovely walled town, with castle overlooking river. Lovely gardens. SA. (June 2003).  Index 

m.weinheim.JPG (42325 bytes)WEINHEIM (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - Free motorcaravan park (2 places only) at VW "Stocker" concession on Vierheimer Strasse. Service point (Sani-station) - 1Dm drinking water, 1Dm waste. Fairly noisy until showroom closes - OK after. Good stopover before Heidelberg.  About 1 mile from centre of Weinheim, a pretty town with many old buildings, beautiful square and castle park. ET. (July 2000). Index 

c 100_0236 Weissenfels Stellplatz.jpg (19735 bytes)WEISSENFELS (SACHSEN-ANHALT) - Caravan und Freizeitmarkt Gerth. Free dedicated parking place next to Gerth caravan dealer in commercial centre. Holiday Clean service point, free waste, water, electricity 1E (4 sockets). Good hypermarket opposite. Good stopover for East Germany/Poland. (May 2005). Index 

Westhofen.JPG (80228 bytes)WESTHOFEN (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - Free motorcaravan park at parkplatz "Am Nickelgarten", well signposted. Space for 15 vans, sloping, (flat area at lower end), some shade. No services, but St-San service point at garage at entrance to town (working hours only). Token from garage required (1E).  JL. (June 2003). Index

Wiehl.JPG (45785 bytes)WIEHL (NORDRHEIN-WESTHALEN) - Free motorcaravan parking at Freizeitcentrum park (cars are charged!) The service point was out of order (being changed to Euros). - 3 reserved parking places. Excellent facilities in town (ice-rink, tennis etc). Avoid on Friday or Saturday, as Disco is next door! SA. (May, 2002).  Index 

Dattenfeld 2.JPG (76446 bytes)WINDECK - DATTENFELD (NORDRHEIN-WESTHALEN) - Free motorcaravan park signposted "Brunnenweg". 5 - 6 places separated by hedges, shaded, level, next to pretty park. Sani station (1.5E) at other side of park. Nice parking on hot day but later on got too dark, so moved to second site in town. SA. (June 2003).

Dattenfeld.JPG (61398 bytes)Second site at riverside, ("Auf dem Greent") - large field with lots of vans parked - very peaceful. At dusk, masses of may bugs came out for an hour or so, luckily we were inside! SA. (June 2003). Index

c 100_0344 Wolfhagen Stellplatz.jpg (25828 bytes)WOLFHAGEN (HESSEN) - Wohnmobilstellplatz Bruchwiesen, Siemensstrasse. New stellplatz in town park, with free parking and Aqua Balance service point (1E/80L water, free chem disp). Level, gravel, picnic tables, quiet, good location by lake. Lovely town, good stop-off. (June 2005). tic.gif (1004 bytes)  Index

Worms.JPG (25021 bytes)m.Worms.jpg (18897 bytes)WORMS (RHEINLAND PFALZ) - Free motorcaravan park for 30 vehicles (max. 2 days), close to the Rhine. A service point is available 200m away at the Gasthof Hagenau (1Dm for 100 litres of water). Good walks by the Rhine, excellent shops, cathedral in the town. Some noise from river barges, but not a real problem. ET. (Sept 2001). Index 

wurzburg.JPG (18631 bytes)m.wurzburg.jpg (119623 bytes)WURZBURG (BAVARIA) - Free parking on quayside car park facing "Kapelle" (beautiful old church) on opposite side of river Main. Lovely views. No facilities, but free service point (chem. disp. and fresh water) at BP garage on Mergentheimer Strasse (parallel to south side of river).  Wurzburg has some lovely old buildings and a large castle overlooking the old bridge covered with statues.  We had a quiet night, but were awoken at 6.00am by a massive Swiss cruiser moored right by us! (July 2000). Index

m.Zulpich.JPG (39002 bytes)ZULPICH (NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN) - Adenauer Platz - Free motorcaravan parking for 5 vehicles, Sani-station (inc. elec.) - jeton required. Nice town. ET. (Oct 2001).Index

Zwingenberg.JPG (44822 bytes)ZWINGENBERG (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG) - free parking at Melivokus Halle parking place. Loud train noise all night. No services. Pretty town. SA. (June 2002).Index