Motorcaravan Sites Review






France has an excellent network of motorcaravan stop-overs which quite often have free services and in some cases free electricity!   Though there are different categories of Aires, the "Aire Communales" are usually the best value. They are usually run by the local community, and are really intended to encourage trade in their town - a very good idea!

Campsites are extremely numerous throughout the country, and smaller sites are good value. Municipal sites in particular are usually well run and cheap.

We avoid staying overnight on motorway Aires - there have been too many stories of break-ins, etc. Similarly, we wouldn't stay on Aires in the South of France (Narbonne for instance!) but would stick to campsites in these popular areas.







CAYROLStic.gif (1004 bytes) MASSIAC  ST. FLOUR

tic.gif (1004 bytes) MERIGNAC

tic.gif (1004 bytes) PONS


SADROCtic.gif (1004 bytes)

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PONT L'ABBEtic.gif (1004 bytes) TREGUNC





MORESTELtic.gif (1004 bytes) PALADRU   VIZILLE




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JOINVILLEtic.gif (1004 bytes) JUZENNECOURT










BLANGY-SUR-BRESLE CLEREStic.gif (1004 bytes)





CHARMEStic.gif (1004 bytes) THAON LES VOSGES

StHilaire.JPG (40957 bytes)m.StHilaire.JPG (82277 bytes)AGEN (Lot-et-Garonne) - Camping Piscines Le Moulin de Mellet, St Hilaire de Lusignan (05 53 87 50 89). WC, Hot showers, shaver points, (limited in low season), laundry, chem. disp. Electricity 12F. Dutch owner - English spoken. Swimming pools, childrens zoo, pond, fishing.  Very good, clean and quiet, apart from early waking with the cockerels! Very pleasant situation. Bread delivered. 45f/night (May 2000). Index

allogny.JPG (28080 bytes)m.allogny.JPG (24969 bytes)ALLOGNY (Cher) - Aire Communale, Etang Communal, just off the D944. Open from April to October.  Free parking for 10 vehicles, max. 24 hours. Fresh water, waste, chem. disp.  free. Situated by pretty lake. Quiet, but a bit lonely - we were the only ones there at that time of year. ET. (May 2000). Index


Map of ArdresARDRES (Pas-de-Calais) - Bal Parc Camping, TOURNEHEM-SUR-LA-HEM (03 21 35 65 90). Good access, just off N43 at Nordausques. Good overnight stop for Calais (23Km away). Open all year. CC. 75F/night (Sept 1999). Index

Bouillac.JPG (44293 bytes)BOUILLAC (Aveyron) - Aire Communale, on RN 140. (05 65 43 10 27). Free parking for 10 vans, free services. On edge of village, by river. Toilet and washing up sink. Popular with French vans. Max. 48 hours, open March - end of September. ET. (Oct 2003). Index

Bourdeilles.JPG (32455 bytes)BOURDEILLES (Dordogne) -  Free Aire (signposted) by the side of the river Dronne (beautiful location). Borne de service (jeton required - available at Tabacs, etc. in town). Lovely town with good walks, scenery, overlooked by a castle. (Sept, 2002).  Index

BourgneufEnRetz.JPG (40533 bytes)m.BourgneufEnRetz.JPG (134245 bytes)BOURGNEUF-EN-RETZ (Loire-Atlantique) - Aire Communale, Route de Bouir (02 40 21 40 07). Pretty Aire situated on the edge of the town. Free parking for approx. 6 vans, with free water/waste. Tourist Office, picnic tables. We only stopped for lunch, but it may be noisy overnight as it is close to the main road. Max. 24 hours, open all year. ET. (Sept 2002). Index

bazinval.JPG (34643 bytes)m.bazinval.JPG (82850 bytes)BLANGY-SUR-BRESLE (Seine-Maritime)- Camping Municipal "La Foret", BAZINVAL (02 35 93 44 66). Good access, NW of Blangy, 6Km off D49. Small site, well laid out, hedged pitches. Very clean facilities. No English spoken.  Good stop off for South West France, 160Km from Calais. Excellent value. 23F/night inc. showers, hot water. Electricity 21F (French plugs only). CC. (Apr, 2000). Index  

Brantome.JPG (40932 bytes)BRANTOME (Dordogne) - Free parking for approx. 50 vans in park near Abbey. No facilities, but free borne de service at the Shopi supermarket on the Perigeux road, just outside the town. Beautiful town on the river Dronne with many sights. Quiet. Definitely worth a stopover. (Sept 2002). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

m.briancon.jpg (36684 bytes)BRIANCON (Hautes Alpes) - Camping Municipal du Bois des Alberts, LES ALBERTS (04 92 21 16 11). Good access, D21 from Briancon, D94 after 4Km, just past Les Alberts. Good value. Quiet site set in pine woods, small lake. Shower/toilet block a bit dark and imposing, but clean. Good stop off before entering Italy. CC. 48F inc. showers, shaver points.  (Sept, 1999). Index

Briollay.JPG (48819 bytes)BRIOLLAY (Maine et Loire) - Aire Communale, Plage de Briollay (02 41 42 50 28). Lovely Aire by river Sarthe for 10 vans. Free services (Euro Relais), public WC. Park, playground, barbecue areas. Plnty of wild life (Egrets, kingfishers, etc). ET. (Oct, 2003). Index

BrissacQuince.JPG (37411 bytes)BRISSAC-QUINCE (Maine et Loire) - Aire Municipal, Chateau sur  le parking (02 41 91 74 00). Free parking, free services.(chem disp. drain looked a bit un-hygienic). Nice town with pretty chateau. Open all year, 24 hours max. GL. (Oct, 2003). Index

m.cambrai.jpg (35096 bytes)CAMBRAI (Nord) - Camping de l’Epinette, SAUCHY LESTREE (03 21 59 50 13). Reasonable access, good overnight stop, D939 from Cambrai to Arras, turn right at Marquion for Sauchy Lestree. CC. 44F/night, 6F/Shower. (Sept, 1999). Index

Cambremer.JPG (52292 bytes)m.Cambremer.JPG (123891 bytes)CAMBREMER (Calvados) - Aire Communale, Place de l'Europe (02 31 63 03 36). Free motorcaravan parking for 20 vehicles in main car park. No time limit, open all year. Free water, waste water, chem. disp. Picnic tables, shade, slightly sloping. Nice quiet location within walking distance of shops, good overnight stop. ET. (Sept, 2002).Index

Cancale.JPG (44251 bytes)m.Cancale.JPG (71094 bytes)CANCALE (Ille-et-Vilaine) - Aire Communale, Chemin Neuf (02 99 89 60 15). Free parking for 50 vehicles with services - 2E for 50L fresh water, chem disp. Shaded, sloping area, within 5 minutes of port and town. Very popular.  ET. (Sept, 2002). Index

Cancon.JPG (37349 bytes)CANCON (Lot et Garonne) - Aire Communale, Mairie, Ave du Quercy (05 53 01 60 24). Popular free Aire with free water, chem disp. and electricity (limited outlets - everyone seems to attach more extensions sockets - we didn't bother). Max 1 day, open all year. The fresh water was via a hose which was allowed to drag on the ground - we didn't use it. Pretty town with old quarter on hill. ET. (Oct, 2003).  Index

Cardaillac.JPG (38839 bytes)CARDAILLAC (Lot) - Aire Communale, Le Pre del Prieu (05 65 40 14 32). Free parking and Euro Relais service point in beautiful village with medieval quarter. Quiet, secure with nice walks. (We picked bagfuls of walnuts along the roadside). ET. (Oct 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Cayrols.JPG (44769 bytes)CAYROLS (Cantal) - Aire Communale, (04 71 46 19 20). Free parking in tiny village, just off the N122, for 10 vehicles, slight slope. Euro Relais (jeton required - 3.05E), free chem disp., WC, washing-up sink. Picnic tables, playground, very nice location. Open all year. ET. (Oct 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

charmes.JPG (45808 bytes)m.charmes.JPG (21633 bytes)CHARMES (Vosges) - Aire Communale, Port de Plaisance (03 29 38 85) N57 between Nancy and Epinal, take Charmes exit and follow signs in town. Open all year. Lovely Aire situated by a canal able to accommodate 40-50 motorcaravans, no time limit. 20F/night including services and electricity. Also toilets and showers (jeton required). Very well run. Popular site with all nationalities - we stayed three nights. Nice walks by canal and river, and into the town. ET. (Aug 2000).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

ChateauLEveque.JPG (40907 bytes)CHATEAU L'EVEQUE (Dordogne) - Aire Communale, Place du Jardin Public (05 53 54 30 77). Free parking for 8 vans. Borne de service (2E charge). Public WC (very clean). Some road noise. ET. (Sept 2002).  Index

ChateauneufSurSarthe.JPG (59644 bytes)CHATEAUNEUF SUR SARTHE (Maine et Loire) - Aire Communale, Port picnic area (02 41 96 15 20). Free parking at Port de Plaisance, overlooking river Sarthe. Good facilities (showers, toilets, sinks, chem disp. elec.) provide for boat owners, but no problems using them. Nice town with good walks along river. Open all year, 48 hrs max. ET. (Oct, 2003). Index

Chateauroux.JPG (51414 bytes)CHATEAUROUX (Indre) - Aire Communale, outside Camping du Rochat Belle-Isle, 17 Ave du Parc des Loisirs (02 54 34 26 56). Free parking for 6 vehicles. Euro Relais services - 2.3E 200L water, 2.3E elec. Beautiful park with lakes, river Indre. Lovely town.  Quiet, some shade. ET. (Sept 2003).  Index

ChefBoutonne.JPG (41964 bytes)CHEF BOUTONNE (Deux-Sevres) - Aire Communale, Rue du Champ de Foire. Free parking for 10 vans in sloping field by brook (parking is level), free services, elec., WC. Open April- October, no limit. Pretty town. ET. (Oct, 2003). Index

Cleres.JPG (36710 bytes)m.Cleres.JPG (130318 bytes)CLERES (Seine-Maritime) - Aire Communale, Rue Spalikowski (02 35 33 23 31). 10 free parking places, separated by hedges. Free water, waste and electricity. Max. stay 3 days.   Could be muddy in wet weather. Lovely village - stream through main street, shops,   restaurants. Car museum, zoo at chateau. This parking is very well signposted. ET. (Sept, 2002).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Cognac.JPG (47603 bytes)COGNAC (Charente) - Aire Communale,Quartier St. Jacques, Place de la Levade (05 45 36 55 36). Free motorcaravan parking for 4 vans. Max. 2 days. Open July- Sept. Free services inc. electricity. Lovely location on the river Charente, just below the bridge. Nice town with good walks, distillery tours, parks, etc. ET. (Sept, 2002).  tic.gif (1004 bytes)  Index                                

Concarneau.JPG (29254 bytes)m.Concarneau.JPG (138620 bytes)CONCARNEAU (Finistere) - Aire Communale, Parking de la Gare (02 98 50 38 73). Free parking, open all year. Water, waste, chem disp. and electricity (2E charge). Lovely town and harbour. Very popular. ET. (Sept, 2002).    Index

Conty.JPG (53235 bytes)CONTY (Somme) - Aire Communale, Rue Du Marais, opposite fire station.  (03 22 41 21 51). Small village south of Amiens just off the N1, with lots of horse riding/training facilities. Free parking for 20+ vans, up to 3 days, open all year. Free water, chem disp. + public toilets.  Level,  some shade, quiet (apart from smallholding next door containing chickens, ducks, geese - watch out for the dawn chorus!) ET. (Sept, 2003) Index

StVincentdePaul.JPG (24148 bytes)m.St VincentdePaul.JPG (52472 bytes)DAX (Landes) - Camping St Vincent de Paul, St Vincent de Paul (05 58 89 99 60). WC, hot showers (only female facilities open in low season), shaver points, hot and cold washing up sinks. Chem. disp. points seemed in disuse. Hedged pitches, well marked. Good NH - no shops in village. CC. 49F/night. (May, 2000). Index

Echillais.JPG (30271 bytes)ECHILLAIS (Charente-Maritime) - Aire Communale, Rue de l'Eglise (05 46 83 03 74). Free parking for 10 vans. Free water/waste - Chem disp. has grill - be careful! Max 8 days, open all year. Quiet town with medieval church. ET. (Sept 2002).Index

entraygues.JPG (25118 bytes)m.entraygues.jpg (15519 bytes)ENTRAYGUES (Aveyron) - Camping Municipal Val de Saures (05 65 44 56 92).   Reasonable access to site in leisure centre grounds on the banks of the river Lot. Lovely setting with access to the old town and chateau across a footbridge. Modern clean facilities (inc. invalid facs.). Hot showers, water, shaver points  inc. No English spoken, attendant calls 8.00-8.30am and 6.30-7.00pm. CC. 51F/night. Electricity 16F (French plugs only) (Apr 2000). Index  

Fouras.JPG (32969 bytes)FOURAS (Charente-Maritime) - Aire Communale, Place Jean Moulin (05 46 84 60 11). Free parking for up to 20 vehicles. Services - 1E (Jeton from Tourist Office) for 50 litres of water. Open all year, no limit. Lovely location overlooking Charente estuary. Beautiful location for town on a peninsular in the estuary, with castle, good beaches and nice walks. There are three other free parking places, one with a borne de service. Definitely recommended! ET. (Sept 2002).Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)

Frontenac.JPG (33303 bytes)FRONTENAC (Gironde) - Aire Communale, by community hall (05 56 23 96 38). Free parking for several vans. Public WC, wasing up sinks, chem disp. free water. Open all year, no limit. We were on our own at night, so a bit nervous, but were woken up at 4.45AM by rubbish truck, then lorries and buses! Not recommended. ET. (Oct, 2003) Index

100_0490 Gace - Aire 1.jpg (36710 bytes)GACE (Orne) - Aire Communale, Rue du Marche aux Bestiaux. Free parking 17.00-10.00hrs in public parking next to Mairie. Shaded, level.  Service point 2.30E. (Sept 2005). Index

Givry.JPG (29385 bytes)GIVRY (Saone-et-Loire) - Aire Municipale, Rue de la Gare, in the public parking area (03 85 94 16 30). Large free area, with WC, free water and waste disposal, hardstanding. No shade (we were cooking!). Nice town, good shops etc. Open all year. (May, 2004). Index

Hillion.JPG (39052 bytes)m.Hillion.JPG (137288 bytes)HILLION (Cotes d'Armor) - Aire Communale, Parking du Foyer rural (02 96 32 21 04). Free parking in central car park. Free water outside public toilets. Small, quiet town OK for overnight stop. Open all year. ET. (Sept, 2002).  Index 

Honfleur.JPG (30412 bytes)m.Honfleur.JPG (89422 bytes)HONFLEUR (Calvados) - Aire Communale, Parking du Bassin de l'Est (02 31 81 88 00). Parking for 120 vehicles close to the harbour. Charge of 7E/night, including water, waste and electricity. Max 1 day, open Feb - Oct. Mostly gravel/hardstanding, but does get waterlogged in heavy rain (we experienced it!). OK for visiting Honfleur, but not very attractive position. There also seemed to be some gypsies camped at one end. However, still worth a stop to see the beautiful town. ET. (Sept, 2002).Index  

JardSurMer.JPG (25175 bytes)JARD SUR MER (Vendee) - Aire Communale, Parking Les Goffineaux (02 51 33 40 17). Free parking for 19 vans with water/waste facilities, overlooking the sea. Small town with a pretty port.  Max 2 days, open all year. ET. (Sept,2002). Index

m.joinville.jpg (19172 bytes)JOINVILLE (Haute-Marne) - Camp Municipal, Promenade de Petit Bois (03 25 96 06 64). From north, N67, take D335 towards Joinville, site on left. Excellent access, excellent value, situated in park within town (shops, etc.) - good toilet facilities, 34.50F inc. showers and electricity. CC. (Sept, 1999).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Juzennecourt.JPG (41214 bytes)JUZENNECOURT (Haute-Marne) - Aire Municipale, by Mairie. Free parking for 10 vans, WC, water and free electricity. Shaded, quiet (apart from church bells throughout night!). Good stop-off for travelling south. No limit, open all year. (May 2004). Index

Kayserberg.JPG (32269 bytes)m.Kayserberg.jpg (69922 bytes)KAYSERBERG (Haut-Rhin) - Aire Communale, Parking De Ernenbad (03 89 47 30 60).  Spaces for 40 - 50 vehicles, borne de service available.  Open 15th March - 31st December. 10F for 9.00 - 19.00hrs, 20F for 19.00 - 9.00hrs (overnight). Beautiful town, well worth a visit. ET. (Sept 2001). Index

Kientzheim.JPG (31089 bytes)m.Kientzheim.jpg (69894 bytes)KIENTZHEIM (Haut-Rhin) - pretty fortified village situated next to Kayserberg, surrounded by vineyards. Car park situated behind village, next to a tower ("Tour de Fripons"). No services, but lovely location for overnight stop. (Sept 2001). Index

LAiguillonSurMer.JPG (33555 bytes)L'AIGUILLON SUR MER (Vendee) - Aire Communale, Plan d'Eau, Avenue Amiral Courbet (02 51 56 40 31). Parking for 30 vehicles beside the river Lay. Parking 4E/night, services 2E. Nice location with riverside walks, town within easy walking distance. ET. (Sept 2002). Index

LaFerteStAubin.JPG (18976 bytes)m.LaFertStAubin.JPG (60039 bytes)LA FERTE ST AUBIN (Loiret) - Camp Municipal (02 38 76 55 90). South from Orleans on N20, outskirts of town. Hedged pitches. Cont. toilets, showers , hot water, shaver pts, chem disp, electricity inc. (2A, French plug only). No English spoken. Tends to be muddy when wet. Train noises throughout night. Nice town, with chateau, shops etc. Site adjoins park and river. NH only. CC. 43F/night. (Apr 2000). Index

LaRoqueGageac.JPG (54834 bytes)m.LaRoqueGageac.JPG (70809 bytes)LA ROQUE GAGEAC (Dordogne) - Aire Communale, Place Publique (05 53 29 51 52), south of Sarlat on the D703. Open April til October. Borne de service (water, chem. disp. elec.) 10F. Hedged pitches, some shaded. Lovely situation by river, facing town. Public toilets, park, picnic area adjacent, boat trips available. Good for a few nights stop-over. ET. 7F parking in day, 20F/night (May 2000). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index 

m.laissac.JPG (36681 bytes)LAISSAC (Aveyron) - Aire Communale, Place du Foirail des Ovins, on edge of town next to supermarket and cattle market. (05 65 69 60 45). Take Laissac exit off the N88 20Km east of Rodez. Open March til November. 6 motorcaravan places (plus overflow area next door), max. 24 hours. Purpose built, gravelled. Clean and waste water, chem disp. - also 1 male and 1 female toilet, very clean - all free!  Popular site, filled up by late afternoon. Pretty town, cattle market on Tuesday (starts early!) ET. (Apr 2000).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Lauzon.JPG (46585 bytes)LAUZON (Lot et Garonne) - Aire Municipal, Rue St Colomb. (05 53 94 10 21). Free parking for 2 vans at edge of lovely lake on edge of town. opposite municipal campsite. Free water, WC. Our only company was a lone swan! GL. (Oct, 2003). Index


m.LeBoulou.JPG (46855 bytes)LE BOULOU (Pyrenees-Orientales) - Camping Val Roma Park - (04 68 83 19 72). Through Le Boulou on N9 towards Spain, site 300m on right past Les Thermes du Boulou. Shaded hedged pitches, limited facilities in low season. WC, showers, shaver points inc. Clean but slightly scruffy. Good night halt for Spain (6Km to border). CC. 55F/night (Apr 2000). Index

LeCasset.JPG (57014 bytes)LE CASSET (Haute Alpes) - Free parking next to small lake below the hamlet, situated just before Le Monetier Les Bains. Lovely location, no facilities, but very popular with all nationalities. Nice walks. Good stopover   before Italy. (May, 2004). Index tic.gif (1004 bytes)

LesEyziesDeTayac.JPG (33230 bytes)LES EYZIES DE TAYAC (Dordogne) - Free motorcaravan park by the river with shaded, hedged plots. Borne de service available (2E charge). Nice riverside walks, interesting town with museum, caves. (Sept 2002). Index


manzat.JPG (27006 bytes)m.manzat.JPG (15905 bytes)MANZAT (Puy-de-Dome) - Aire Communale, Place du 14 Juillet. (04 73 86 60 23). Access via Chatelguyon, north of Clermont Ferrand; situated in town, opposite police station, though not well signposted. Open April til October. Free parking (up to 72 hours), free fresh water and waste disposal. Quiet town for NH. ET. (Apr 2000). Index

Massiac.JPG (43277 bytes)MASSIAC (Cantal) - Aire Municipal, Parking de la Gare SNCF. (04 71 23 02 61). Free parking in railway station car park, (only 3-4 trains per day, so noise not a problem). Free service point (elec. 0.5E/10 minutes). Nice town surrounded by wooded hills. Quiet at night, illuminated (perhaps too much!). Open all year, no limit. GL. (Oct 2003) Index

100_0494 Mayenne - Aire 1.jpg (25078 bytes)MAYENNE (Mayenne) - Aire Communale, Quai Carnot (02 43 30 21 21). Free parking for 2 vans close to bridge, beside river. (We parked in more open location on other side of river).  Free water, waste and electricity (4 points). Euro Relais service point looks slightly battered (sign saying its to be upgraded). Nice views of river and chateau, shade, slight slope, some road noise. Open all year. (Sept 2005).  Index

Millery.JPG (27850 bytes)m.Millery.jpg (50481 bytes)MILLERY (Meurthe-et-Moselle) - Aire Communale, Avenue de la Moselle (03 83 24 96 43). Small village on the Moselle north of Nancy. Free site at pretty location by the river with 20 places (hardstanding), free water and waste. Open April to October, no maximum stay. Couldn't see any shops in the village. (NB height barriers are common in the supermarkets in this area - probably because gypsies are quite common). ET. (Sept 2001). Index    

Merignac.JPG (37170 bytes)MERIGNAC (Charente) - Free Aire for approx. 10 vans, set in the Cognac vineyards. Free water/waste/electricity. Picnic tables, public WC. (Sept, 2002).  Index


Montgenevre.JPG (55390 bytes)MONTGENEVRE (Haute-Alpes) - Aire Municipale, at the parking de l'Obelisque. large aire, with services 5E, and electricity 2E/4 hours. Closed when we arrived, but water and waste disposal were still available. (May 2004).   Index


MontreuilBellay.JPG (36276 bytes)MONTREUIL-BELLAY (Maine-et-Loire) - Aire Communale, Place de Nobis (02 41 41 17 60). Free parking in lovely situation next to river in beautiful chateau town. 40 spaces, free services (Euro Relais), jeton for electricity. Open all year, no limit. Popular site with all nationalities. Well worth a visit. ET. (Oct, 2003). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

m.morestel.jpg (30258 bytes)MORESTEL (Isere) - Parc des Sports, Camping Municipal (04 74 80 14 97). Excellent access (situated in sports ground within the town, on D517). Well spaced plots separated by hedges. Pretty old town, good shops. English spoken. 38F inc. showers, shaving points. CC. (Sept, 1999).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Mortain.JPG (42394 bytes)m.Mortain.JPG (128995 bytes)MORTAIN (Manche) - Aire Communale, Place du Chateau (02 33 79 30 30). 6 free spaces for motorcaravans, with free water, waste and chem disp. Max. of 2 days, open all year. Nice town with good walks (waterfalls, Abbey). ET. (Sept, 2002). Index

Neuvy-Pailloux.JPG (45196 bytes)NEUVY-PAILLOUX (Indre) - Aire Publique, Les Gloux (02 54 03 38 50). Free parking/picnic area on N151 just outside the town. Open all year, no limit, with room for 12 vans. Free water, chem disp. and public toilets. Slight slope, shade. No lights at night, so we were slightly nervous, especially of local youngsters using it as a meeting place, although police did patrol at around 2.00am! I probably wouldn't use it again in the low season. ET. (Sept, 2003).Index

Paladru.JPG (47423 bytes)PALADRU (Isere) - Camp Le Calatrin, Municipal campsite, at entrance to village. Nice position by lake. Pretty village. 12E/night. (May, 2004). Index


Paussac.JPG (32528 bytes)PAUSSAC (Dordogne) - Free Aire in small village. Jeton required for borne de service, but free water tap also available. Climbing school in village. (Sept 2002). Index

Perigeux.JPG (33729 bytes)PERIGEUX (Dordogne) - free parking (signposted) by the riverside just below the cathedral. Very busy, not recommended for overnighting. Free borne de service (messy when we visited). Interesting city, lots to see. (Sept 2002).Index

PeyratLeChateau.JPG (26168 bytes)m.peyrat.JPG (13779 bytes)PEYRAT LE CHATEAU (Haute-Vienne) - Aire Communale, Place du Pre de l'Age (05 55 69 48 75). Just off the D940, 50Km east of Limoges. Open Aprl til middle of November.  Free parking for max. of 24 hours. Free water, waste water, chem. disp. Quiet. Watch out for buses parking at the one end of the parking place, or you're liable to get boxed in. Very popular with French motorcaravanners. Pretty town with lovely lake and park. ET. (May 2000).Index

PleneufValAndre.JPG (32192 bytes)m.PleneufValAndre.JPG (134016 bytes)PLENEUF-VAL ANDRE (Cotes-D'Armor) - Aire Communale, Port de Plaisance de Dahouet (02 96 63 13 05). Free parking for 45 vehicles by the harbour. Services - 2E. Lovely location with walks around the headland - beautiful views. Open all year. Very popular, with some spaces being taken by local lorries. Within 15min walk of Val Andre, the main resort. ET. (Sept, 2002).tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

Pons.JPG (40797 bytes)PONS (Charente Maritime) - Aire Municipal, Rue du Poitou (05 46 91 46 46). Free parking for 4 vans outside municipal campsite (closed in Oct). 3E for services (Junior Euro-Relais).   Open all year. Pretty town, chateau with gardens (now town hall). GL. (Oct, 2003).   Index

PontLAbbe.JPG (29300 bytes)m.PontLAbbe.JPG (140600 bytes)PONT L'ABBE (Finistere) - Aire Communale, Avenue de la Gare (02 98 66 09 09). Free parking and free water, waste and chem disp. Open all year. We found this a bit lonely, and noticed other vans were only stopping for the services. On investigation, we saw that vans were parking overnight on the quayside, and did the same. This was much more attractive, and we stayed 2 nights. The town was quite pretty and had an excellent market on Thursdays. ET. (Sept, 2002). tic.gif (1004 bytes)Index

Prayssac.JPG (53262 bytes)PRAYSSAC (Lot) - Aire Municipal, edge of village, off D811. (05 65 30 61 44). Free parking and services (fresh water tap in ground recess - only for attaching water pipes, not very hygienic - beetles etc). Slight slope, shaded, nice town. GL. (Oct, 2003).Index

PuyLEveque.JPG (34811 bytes)PUY L'EVEQUE (Lot) - Aire Communale, Place de la Gendarmerie (05 65 30 81 45). Free parking in front of police station. Free water, waste, WC (chem disp in WC?). Very pretty town overlooking river Lot. Open all year, 24 hours max. Signposted, well lit, level. ET. (Oct, 2003). Index

100_0495 Romagne - Aire 1.jpg (47310 bytes)ROMAGNE (Ille-Et-Vilaine) - Aire Communale, Allee des Prunus (02 99 98 81 11). Free parking for 5 vans, no limit. Water, WC, picnic tables. Noise from main road, so we parked next door to adjoining cemetery - very quiet. Good stopover. (Sept 2005). Index

ROUFFACH (Haut-Rhin) - Camp Municipal, Rue de la Piscine (03 89 49 78 13). Free parking for 10 vehicles outside the municipal campsite, next to the swimming pool. 10F(jeton) for service point (from the campsite office). Very pretty town, with storks. Open  from 15/April to 15/November. Index 

sadroc.JPG (29349 bytes)m.sadroc.JPG (39325 bytes)SADROC (Correze) - Aire Communale, Place du Chateau (05 55 84 51 90). Take Sadroc exit off the A20, 20Km north of Brive. Open all year. Free parking for 10 vehicles, up to 24 hours. Fresh water, waste water, chem. disp. and electricity - all free! Excellent site in small village south of Limoge. Village shop next to parking place. Good NH. ET. (May 2000). tic.gif (1004 bytes)Index

StBrevinLesPins.JPG (30873 bytes)m.StBrevinLesPins.JPG (112242 bytes)ST. BREVIN LES PINS (Loire-Atlantique) - Aire Communale, Base nautique de Pointeau (02 40 27 24 32). Free parking at a seafront location. 8 reserved places, but the car park is open to vans with space for 50 - 70. Free water/waste (although the 2002 book says a jeton is required). Very popular, especially on weekends, but is quiet overnight. Lovely town in pretty location with coastal walks (lots of wartime defences to explore) also good for birdwatchers. Max 24 hours, but no problem staying longer, open all year. ET. (Sept, 2002). tic.gif (1004 bytes) Index

StCyprien.JPG (38826 bytes)m.StCyprien.JPG (35986 bytes)ST. CYPRIEN (Dordogne) - Aire Communale, Place Mac Keheim - free parking for up to 15 vehicles, max. 48 hours. Fresh water, waste, chem. disp. and free electricity! Lovely town, but don't park on weekend - cars revving until 3.00am - perhaps better during the week. ET. (May 2000). Index

StEloyLesMines.JPG (40034 bytes)ST. ELOY LES MINES (Puy-de-Dome) - Aire Communale, Place Jacques Magnier, south of town. (04 73 85 08 24). Free parking for 15 vehicles, open all year. Flot Bleu services, 2E charge. 48 hrs max. next to beautiful lake, nice walks, picnic areas, facilities, some shade. ET. (Sept, 2003). Index

StFlour.JPG (34199 bytes)m.StFlour.JPG (16787 bytes)ST. FLOUR (Cantal) - Camping International La Roche Murat (04 71 60 43 63). Excellent access just off A75 motorway (junction 28), 2Km from St Flour (as the crow flies!), 4Km by road. Modern toilet block, laundry room, chem disp, hot showers, shaver points inc. Very clean facilities. Several red kites seen flying low over campsite. Good base for short stay in region. CC. 52F/night. (Apr 2000). Index

StJeanDeMonts.JPG (46592 bytes)ST. JEAN DE MONTS (Vendee) - Aire Communale, Rue de la Paree Jesus (02 51 58 16 56). Free parking for 20 vehicles, 0.5Km from the beach, 1Km from the town centre. Nice seaside resort, although the parking gets crowded, especially in the evening. Free water/waste, although the chem disp. is by means of a WC which can be awkward to get to. Max. 48 hours, open 01 April - 03 November. ET (Sept 2002). Index

StJulienDeLampon.JPG (32306 bytes)m.StJuliendeLampon.JPG (52191 bytes)ST. JULIEN DE LAMPON (Dordogne) - Camping Municipal - closed in May, but gates open, and no problems staying overnight. Fresh water available, but no toilets, showers or chem. disp while closed. Lovely location on banks of Dordogne. Lots of water/elec. points distributed around site, plenty of shade. Football pitch, playground on site. (May 2000).  Index

StRemyDeBlot.JPG (31119 bytes)ST. REMY DE BLOT (Puy-de-Dome) - Aire Communale, Sur La Place (04 73 97 97 73). Tiny village, free parking for 6 vans next to fire station, hedged spaces, no limit, open all year. Flot Bleu service point, 2E charge. WC (very clean). Nice walk to Chateau Rocher (ruined) overlooking Gorge de Sieule. ET. (Sept 2003). Index

balaruc.JPG (49633 bytes)m.sete.JPG (13786 bytes)SETE (Herault) - Camping Municipal Pech d'Ay, BALARUC LES BAINS (04 67 48 50 34). Site on sea front (smell from sea - sewerage?). WC (some cont.), shower, hot water, shaver point inc. Toilets overworked in early morning, otherwise facilities kept very clean, although water was off one morning in one of the blocks - no flushing! Crowded over Easter period with lots of long stay tourists. Shaded , hedged pitches - more sand than grass. Electricity points (French). Balaruc is a pleasant small resort on a peninsular - outside the Tourist Information centre there is a fountain to soak your feet in the health waters. CC. 53F/night. (Apr 2000). Index

SOUILLAC (Lot) - Aire Communale, Rue des Anciens d'Indochine (05 65 32 71 00). Free parking for 20 vehicles, 2E for borne de service. Max 1 day. Nice town with Abbey. Walks along the river. ET. (Sept 2002). Index

TADEN (Cotes d'Armor) - Aire Communale, La Hallerais

Thann.JPG (32540 bytes)m.Thann.jpg (32093 bytes)THANN (Haut-Rhin) - Aire Communale, Place du Bungert (03 89 38 53 00) Free parking for 20 vehicles in centre of town, 10F for "Font Bleu" service point (also has electricity). Very pretty architecture in town.  Open all year, (not available Saturday mornings - market). Unfortunately for us, there was a Harley Davison convention being held there when we arrived so we stayed overnight on a nearby supermarket car park, along with several other motorcaravans - no problem. ET. (Sept 2001).  Index

Thaon Les Vosges.JPG (25332 bytes)m.ThaonLesVosges.jpg (41592 bytes)THAON LES VOSGES (Vosges) - Aire Communale, Au Coignot, Rue du Coignot (03 29 39 15 45). Small town on the Moselle. Free site by the river for 6 vehicles. Muddy when wet, but some hardstanding. Free water/waste disposal. May be awkward to find as signs are quite small. Open  15/March to 15/November. ET. (Sept 2001).  Index

Tourzel.JPG (32216 bytes)TOURZEL-RONZIERES  (Puy de Dome) - Aire Communale, Le Clos (04 73 71 43 01). Free parking for 15 vans, Flot Bleu service point, 2E. Aire is at entry to village, high up with beautiful views, but a bit lonely and windy in September. Tiered, tarmaced surfaces. ET. (Sept 2003).  Index

Tregunc.JPG (30845 bytes)m.Tregunc.JPG (108382 bytes)TREGUNC (Finistere) - Aire Communale, Parking pres de la Poste    (02 98 50 95 95). Free parking with 3 reserved places and free water/waste, within 100 yards of shops. Nice small town, fine for overnight stop, although there was some noise from kids in the night (Friday night!). Maximum 24 hours, open all year. ET. (Sept, 2002).Index

VaillySurSauldre.JPG (85190 bytes)VAILLY SUR SAULDRE (Cher) - Aire Communale, Champ de Foire (02 48 73 70 40). Free Aire with free water next to municipal camp site (3E parking). Index          

Villers Sous Chatillon.JPG (20993 bytes)m.VillersSousChatillon.jpg (51254 bytes)VILLERS SOUS CHATILLON (Marne) - Aire Communale, Lieu-dit Le Parc, Rue du Parc (03 26 58 33 04). Free site in small village above the river Marne. Space for 5 vehicles, free water and waste disposal. Hardstanding, slight slope. Open all year. Site appears to be next to village rubbish dump! OK for overnight stop. ET. (Sept 2001).  Index

montfort.JPG (51136 bytes)VITRAC/MONTFORT (Dordogne) - Aire Communale (05 53 28 57 80). Free parking for 20 vans on edge of village. Borne de service (2E charge), public WC (very clean). Beautiful village with castle (private), lovely walks to the river. ET. (Sept 2002). Index

visille.JPG (25221 bytes)m.vizille.jpg (38373 bytes)VIZILLE (Isere) - Camping Municipal (04 76 68 12 39) South of Grenoble, on D5. Excellent access and value, situated at edge of town (large chateau and park), good walks, very good sanitary facilities. Troublesome flies in evening (September). 50F inc. showers and shaver points. CC. (Sept, 1999)  Index

Westhalten.JPG (29562 bytes)m.Westhalten.jpg (69332 bytes)WESTHALTEN (Haut-Rhin) - Aire Intercommunale, Rue St-Blaise (03 89 47 00 01). Lovely village with free parking for 10 vehicles at nice location on outskirts. Picnic tables, play area and "Euro Relais" service point (10F/100 litres water, 10F/1 hour electricity).Good walks through village, and up to Soultzmatt, another pretty flower village. Open March to November, Maximum stay 48 hours. ET. (Sept 2001). tic.gif (1004 bytes)  Index